Sneak Peek --> Monkeys Always Look New Jewelry Gift Set

February 04, 2015

One of our goal this year is to continue creating and so we have decided to try something very new with our jewelry design this season. With the success of our herb/tea/vegetable seeded kits, we have decided to bring the seeded paper concept into our jewelry design. Wait.....so are we going to grow jewelry here?? ............ NOPE!   We have indeed found some very nice wildflower seeded shaped cards and we will be using them as part of our new jewelry packaging designs.  Each of these specially designed jewelry gift set includes a piece of lovely jewelry, a special quote, and a seeded card which can be planted and grow flowers! We have decided to create and design jewelry around quotes...

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Valentine's Day Gift for him or her

January 17, 2015

It is time to plan about what you should get for your loved one. Valentine’s day is coming faster than you know it. Before buying your valentine’s gift this year, do you think about what you have brought him or her in the past year or years? You might realize you have lost track of all those wonderful gifts after buying gifts for 3, 5, 10, or 20+ years? Statistics shows that the following are the most popular gifts during Valentine’s day... A card, Candy, Dining Out, Flowers, or Jewelry If you have been dating or married for awhile, we are sure you’ve tried giving multiple times the above gifts.  So what should you do this year?!?! Well, we Monkeys...

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