Thankful November

Monkeys love Fall especially the month of November.  Monkeys are thankful for many things.  We are thankful that our families are all staying healthy.  We are thankful that our children are happy.  We are thankful for having fun and supportive friends and colleagues.  We are thankful for e-meeting many new customers.  The list goes on and on......we hope you all will have a wonderful and thankful thanksgiving. 

At the studio we have been busy with fulling orders and planning for our upcoming trade shows in the winter months.  We are trying to update our booth design thus the additional work planning.  We are also trying to come up with as much new designs and products as we can.  Last month we showed some new jewelry designs.  For this month, here's a sneak peak of our new silverware products.

Below is our new silverware hooks.  

Monkeys Always Look Silverware Hook 

Below is our new silverware bracelet.  

Monkeys Always Look Bracelet 

Below is our new silverware ornaments.

Monkeys Always Look Ornaments Monkeys Always Look Ornaments

All the above can be personalized also.



Thanksgiving Ideas / Recipe

Monkeys will be having a simple thanksgiving gathering this year.  Looking up different thanksgiving menus we noticed there are many different variations these days from the All-American style to Rustic to Gluten Free.  Many revolves around similar ingredients yet some are very creative.  Among all we would like to share this 7 layer salad recipe.  We believe it looks fun for presentation and also yummy to serve.

From the bottom layer to top:

1/2 head iceberg lettuce, 4 diced tomatoes, 1/2 c. chopped green onions, 8 hard-boiled eggs halved, 1-1/2 c. shredded cheddar, 1 c peas, 6 slices chopped bacon.  We might make this an 8 layers salad by adding avocados too!  Seasoned with freshly ground black pepper and ranch dressing.  Mix it up when it's time to serve.  


Thanksgiving Facts

1. "Jingle Bells" was originally a Thanksgiving song.

2. Central Park Zoo animals including monkeys, bears, camels, and elephants were all used in the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

3. Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving.

4. California consume the most turkey in the U.S. on Thanksgiving Day!


Thanksgiving riddles

 1. What type of key do you use on Thanksgiving?

 2. What are unhappy cranberries called?

 3. When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?






















































1. A Tur-key.

2. Blueberries.

3. In the dictionary!


Recipes from

Thanksgiving facts:

April Newsletter

~Welcome to April Everyone~

Last month we talked about firescale, now let us discuss another finishing step - Oxidizing Jewelry.  When or why do we oxidize our jewelry?  How is it different from natural tarnish?

Metals like sterling silver is an alloy that contains other metal such as copper. When the copper reacts to moisture (from our hands) and sulfur (in the air), the sterling silver will tarnish.  Typically natural tarnish starts from slight yellow/brownish colors and over time will get more brown then gray to dark gray and eventually black.   The rate of tarnish really depends on ones skins' pH and the surrounding environment.  Certain chemicals such as sun screen, lotions, or even perfume can expedite the speed of tarnish.  

Now a days, many people are not only into shiny jewelry but also rustic, antique or vintage styled jewelry.  For us, oxidization is applied to help bring out those texture and stamping to give it that rustic appearance on some of our jewelry (e.g. tree bark rings).  Different oxidizing solutions are used on different metals such as sterling silver, copper and/or gold.   Some rings are oxidized completely while others are only oxidized on the stamping (See below).


 Once they are oxidized, we would clean them up again with sand paper until we get the desired effect.   

Both natural tarnish or oxidation darkens the ring.  Either way, the darkness can be removed, lighten and/or brighten up by using the specific metal jewelry polishing cloth.   


Easter is coming!

So what else is happening in April? We Monkeys had a few good Easter gatherings over the last two weekends and had enjoyed many fun filled Easter games (Yes, we know Easter is not here yet though thats just the way to meet everyones schedules these days).  Following is a sample egg hunt idea for those who is still looking for an awesome game on Easter day.

1) Pick the egg hunt location --> A park or your home.  For us we picked the park.

2)  Pick out 10 specific spots in that location to hide eggs (e.g. a swing, tree, net, bench, slide, table, etc..) There should be a clue next to each hidden egg for them to solve for the next hidden egg location.  

3) The first person who finds all 10 eggs wins the big surprise baskets.   

Three main kinds of clues were used in this egg hunt.  Example of each type of clue is shown below:

i) Secret Code:

ii) Word Search  (Crossing out POP gives you the word --> SWING)

iii)  Picture puzzle.  We took pictures of a few specific locations. Cut each picture (older kids 8+ pieces, toddlers 2 - 3 pieces) to make a puzzle.


Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on Sunday 5/14.  It is definitely not too late to plan your special gift for your grandma, mother and/or wife.   Our domestic order deadline for mother's day with USPS First Class shipping is Friday 4/21/17.  Domestic with USPS Priority deadline is 4/28/17.  For international orders, please contact us for rates.  


Some of our Signature Mother's Day Gifts are......









Riddles for this month:

A) When do you see Friday comes before Thursday? (An object)

B) What is the Easter bunny’s favorite kind of music? (A type of music)

C) I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I? (An animal) 

As usual...answers is at the very bottom.....





































A) A dictionary B) Hip Hop C) Kangaroo


Sneak Peek --> Monkeys Always Look New Jewelry Gift Set

One of our goal this year is to continue creating and so we have decided to try something very new with our jewelry design this season.

With the success of our herb/tea/vegetable seeded kits, we have decided to bring the seeded paper concept into our jewelry design. are we going to grow jewelry here?? ............ NOPE!


We have indeed found some very nice wildflower seeded shaped cards and we will be using them as part of our new jewelry packaging designs.  Each of these specially designed jewelry gift set includes a piece of lovely jewelry, a special quote, and a seeded card which can be planted and grow flowers!

We have decided to create and design jewelry around quotes that we really like. These quotes are either inspirational, about friendship or love. We are just finishing up the final touches of these new jewelry gift set and you will be able to purchase them on our site!! Stay tune as we will be putting them up shortly for sale~



Valentine's Day Gift for him or her

It is time to plan about what you should get for your loved one. Valentine’s day is coming faster than you know it.

Before buying your valentine’s gift this year, do you think about what you have brought him or her in the past year or years? You might realize you have lost track of all those wonderful gifts after buying gifts for 3, 5, 10, or 20+ years?

Statistics shows that the following are the most popular gifts during Valentine’s day...

A card, Candy, Dining Out, Flowers, or Jewelry

If you have been dating or married for awhile, we are sure you’ve tried giving multiple times the above gifts.  So what should you do this year?!?!

Well, we Monkeys are not going to say we make miracle gifts here but at least we can offer or suggest some of our newest and greatest gifts ideas.  As you all know, we do handmade everything in our studio in sunny San Diego.  Since almost all our items can be customized, you will always know your present is unique and special in every way!

Let us start off with introducing our wildflower seed kit since after all giving a ‘card’ is one of the most popular gift during Valentine’s day.

Each gift set is specially designed and includes a mini vintage silverware garden marker packaged with a special shaped plantable wildflower seed paper. The card shows the special message and the mini-vintage garden marker is hand stamped with a special message --> XOXO or I (heart) you
The vintage marker can be used in any house plant, terrarium or small garden.

 If you are looking for a little more geeky gift, how about the latitude longitude mixed metal necklace or ring? You can have us stamped your wedding location coordinates, first kiss location, first date location, or just his or her favorite place anywhere in the world! 


Too geeky? Want to go a little more subtle with our secret message ring?  We can custom stamp on the inside of the ring your wedding date, nickname, or quote for a private message. 


Last but not least, may we suggest our wing heart ring! The ring itself makes the LOVE statement! We can stamp 3 letters on the copper heart on the outside too! Many customers would stamp the couple’s initials with a ‘+’ sign in between e.g. R + K.


Still don’t see what you like on this page yet? Please go peek at our other products online and we promise we won't disappoint you. Take advantage of our free shipping in the month of January so start shopping and place your order by 1/31/15 (domestic shipping only) to avoid any rush shipping or rush production for Valentine’s gift delivery.  Contact us for rush shipping if you're located outside of USA.



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With lots of love,

Monkeys Team