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14k Gold Filled Custom Hammered Rings - Set of 3 (S0313)

The 14 karat gold filled version of our super popular hammered custom rings. Each ring in this set of 3 modern organic rings is custom and personalized with one word or number sequence that you choose. Each ring has a sophisticated hammered texture to it. The font in all uppercase shown is the only one that can be used on this ring. 
Each ring is hammered flat and hand stamped with ONE word of your choice per ring. 

This listing is for a set of three rings.
What the heck is this gold filled wire you speak of? 
Gold filled wire has a layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal (we use a copper/zinc core). Gold filled is not to be confused with or the same as gold plating and the layer of gold on the ring is at least twice the thickness of gold plated metals. It does not flake off, rub off or turn colors and essentially has the same look, feel and wear as solid 14k gold and is an awesome alternative to solid gold! 
Since this ring is made of gold-filled material, it is likely that one may notice a very slight solder seam over time.

Each ring measures about 1mm wide and 1.5mm high and made from 14k yellow gold filled wire.

When checking out on the transaction page you can add special instructions for your order. Please include each inscription per ring you would like there. 
These rings are also available in sterling silver here and solid 14k gold here