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Happy New Year 2017

January 13, 2017

Happy new year to you all!  We are already in 2017!  Did you get a chance to reflect all your achievements, failure, success, happiness, or tearful moments in 2016?   No matter how it went we are sure we have gained and/or grew a little wiser from it. Now that we are at the start of 2017, it is a great time to plan ahead what we would like to achieve this coming year.  What are your top three 2017 resolutions?  Here are ours...

1) Conserve on water usage.  Yes, we have high water bills in California but the rain lately is definitely helping so maybe one day we will not be in a drought and hopefully we will all have a green garden again.  

2) Come up with 50 new product designs.

3) Set aside quiet time to read/write each week. 

We are actually in Atlanta Georgia Americasmart getting ready for an amazing trade show to kick start the year.  Interestingly the weather here is just like California, I know that sounds funny especially when it's Winter here.  Well, partly we have been having a lot more rain in California so that for sure helps drop down the temperature.  Though no rain and no snow here in Atlanta is great so far :)

We know Winter starts in December but January is typically when it starts to get a lot cooler.  So what are some best ways to heat up your home without turning up your heater?  Here are some ideas that work well for us at the studio:

1) Close off any unused room.  This help contain the heat generated by you or other sources such as fireplace or radiator.

2) Open curtains to allow the Sun shines through.  Definitely helps warm up the space.

3) Put down a rug or carpet. 

4) Wear socks.  There is a saying that if your feet is warm your body is warm.

5) Sip hot water, coffee, or tea.  This warms up your body super fast~









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