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Monkeys Always Look Stamping Jewelry Styles

August 23, 2019

Monkeys Always Look Stamping Jewelry Styles

It has been a very long time since we have posted on this blog. There have just been too many things going on with us Monkeys but we are finally back on track and we can’t wait to share with you all again things happening at our shop, new ideas, and inspirations.

First of all, please make sure you know about our free shipping code (domestic) when you order $35 or more.  More reasons for you to order the special jewelry that you have always wanted.

Today we would also like to share with you about Monkeys Always Look stamping fonts and styles.  Since we mostly make personalized and custom jewelry, many customers have requested a variety of personalization on our jewelry including rings, necklaces, and bangles.  Since we pick our fonts and styles carefully when we design our jewelry, there may be some limitations as to how many letters or words we can stamp on each of our jewelry.



The above pictures show some examples of the rings we make in different widths. As you can see, some rings have two rows of stampings while others have one. This typically depends on the font size we use and the ring width. If you do want us to stamp a long sentence on a thin band then sometimes we would recommend changing our font style and size.  We would for sure confirm the details with you before we proceed on production.  As an example, for a US size 7 (a popular ring size), we typically can stamp 20 letters including spaces on our thinner bands.  If we can change to a smaller font, we could possibly go up to 30 letters including spaces.  If you decide to order a wide band instead, we can most likely stamp in 2 rows, which means we can stamp approximately 40 letters including spaces.

What else have Monkeys been doing over the summer? Other than staying busy as usual with our work, we do also try to spend quality time with our families. We love going to the beach as it brings peace and relaxation looking at the big blue sky and listening to the ocean waves. The blue sky in the picture below inspired us to think deeply on many things~





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