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Why does copper ring turn your finger green?

July 24, 2020

Why copper ring turn your finger green

Why does copper ring turn your finger green?

Many people love wearing copper because of its color and unique healing properties including reducing pain associated with arthritis and helping with micro minerals absorption.  But many wonder why the copper jewelry stain on their skin.  Some have reported spotting a green color where one wears the ring.   This green color is actually caused by a chemical reaction between the copper metal and your skin.  The green color is actually copper salt formed when acid (from one's sweat) corrodes the copper.  Everyone's skin pH level is different thus the green hue may be different.  Even if you think your skin's pH is pretty balance, there can still be a chemical reaction with other acids from lotions or perfumes.  

Is this green color harmful?  Not at all.  This color is easily washed off with soap.  So feel free to continue to wear your favorite copper jewelry~

As written in our other post, you can always apply a layer of clear nail polish on the inside of the copper ring to act as a layer to prevent the chemical reaction happening~




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