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Should we take off our jewelry?

July 12, 2020

Take off your jewelry?

Do you ever wonder when or if we should ever take off our jewelry daily?  

Many people wear an earring, necklace, ring, and even a bracelet.   So it could be pretty troublesome if we do have to put on and take off all of them every day.  Even though this is probably a personal preference, there are indeed times that we recommend taking off your jewelry.   Especially jewelry made of gold, sterling silver, and copper. Specific environments would expedite the tarnish and could damage the jewelry too.  Therefore, under these circumstances, we would highly recommend you to take them off.

1. Doing weight training (especially if you need to hold any heavyweights or need to rub against any other hard metals).

Rubbing your jewelry against other hard metals can scratch and possibly dent the jewelry metal.


2. You are going to a swimming pool. 

Most pools are filled with chemicals that can damage jewelry.  


3. When you are cleaning with cleaning detergent.

Most cleaning detergent is an aggressive chemical that can damage jewelry.


4. When you are taking a bath.

This typically would just expedite the tarnish on jewelry especially if you do not wipe dry the jewelry right after shower/bath.  


5. Putting on lotion or perfume.

Some lotion or perfume would also expedite the tarnish process on the jewelry.

Taking off your jewelry when you are doing the above activities would allow you to keep your jewelry clean, new, and have minimal tarnish.  Sometimes your jewelry may still tarnish even when you try to avoid all the above activities.  This could happen as everyone’s skin pH level is different and so your skin may react to the jewelry, especially if you sweat often.

So how can you remove tarnish from jewelry?  Luckily tarnish can easily be removed with a jewelry cloth.  Most major departments or online stores would sell them.  Just make sure you select the jewelry cloth that is specific to the jewelry materials you have.  All our unique handmade jewelry comes with a jewelry cloth.  You can use it to wipe down any tarnish or polish the jewelry so that it looks new again.  You may not want to wipe our handmade copper jewelry as copper tarnishes beautifully over time, and it will just make the copper jewelry more rustic and unique.

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