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Wedding Band Guide

August 02, 2020

Wedding band guide

A pandemic doesn’t stop our love, care, and support towards one another.  A wedding event may be postponed or planned virtually, but nothing should stop you from finding that perfect couple wedding band set.


As you started your ring search journey, do you ever wonder the following:

 How much are wedding bands?  Who buys the wedding band?  

 What wedding band materials should you choose? 

 What are some popular wedding band styles?  

If anyone of these questions pops up in your mind, then please read on….

How much are wedding bands?

We have customers, friends, and families spending from US$30 to US$1000 plus on wedding bands.  Why is there such a big range?  First, it depends on the couple’s budget.  Second is what material one would prefer.  For example, a thin copper band can start anywhere in the $30s, but a gold or platinum band with small diamonds can quickly go above $1000.   Most people would spend a fortune on the engagement ring but prefer a much simpler wedding band to wear daily.  Our sterling silver wedding band typically ranges $100 - $200 though we do have couples who would like to spend on gold, which costs more.  Most couples are happy to pay anywhere between $100 - $400 for each wedding band from our store data.  

Who buys the wedding band?

It appears that most men would pick the engagement ring, but the couple together would choose the wedding bands.  Who pays for it?  Typically the gentleman pays for it also.  But we have also seen couples paying for his and her own.  From our observations, it appears that one’s culture and traditions affect who pays for the wedding band.

What wedding band materials should you choose? 

All materials are suitable for wedding bands.  Like anything else, you may prefer one material over the other due to various reasons.  So here are a few features for each ring material.

    Copper → Unique color, believed to have healing properties, affordable, wears over time, will tarnish (which sometimes makes the ring looks more rustic), most likely will turn your finger green.

    Sterling Silver → Classic silver color, affordable, wear over time, will tarnish, a common material for many wedding band styles.

  14k  Gold  →  Popular wedding band material, have various colors (red, yellow, white, etc.), sturdier than gold, will not tarnish, also a common material for many wedding band styles, more costly.

    There are other materials, including platinum (rarer, thus expensive), titanium (very durable and affordable), and even silicone (stretchable and soft) that is gaining popularity.  

What are some popular wedding band styles? 

There are many ring styles available to consider.  They include classic, rustic, unique (super wide bands, personalized bands, black bands), dainty, and elegant.  The following ring styles seem to be a tad more popular these days.

         I) Black wedding bands for men.  Not only is this ring style unique, but it is also very cool for men to wear.  Here is an example of our black wedding bands made out of sterling silver, copper, or gold.  We oxidized the material to give that darkened grey/black appearance.  You can also add personalization to them too!

black wedding bands.      black wedding bands

         II) 14K white gold wedding band for women.  White gold is a classic yet elegant choice for women’s wedding band.  You can’t go wrong with any one of these styles made out of 14k gold.

gold bands   Gold wedding band set

        III) Thin and dainty wedding bands.  This style is best for the minimalist.  Since it is so dainty sometimes, you might not even realize you are wearing a ring.  It is just super comfy to wear day and night.

Dainty wedding band Minimalist wedding band

We love making wedding bands and you can lots of them on our Instagram.  Please check out our Instagram page here, and don’t forget to like and follow us!  We do also give out freebies once in a while.

All the above information and suggestions are personal opinions only. It is up to the reader’s choice to agree or disagree.  This written article is for entertainment purposes only.  

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