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March Newsletter

March 08, 2017

Monkeys Always Look March newsletter

What's Happening at the Studio

Blink's March already! What happened in the last two months! Feels like we have just set new goals for the year and we are already in March ...

Coming off from two trade shows definitely keeps us busy for a few good months!  Some orders have shipped, more are on the way!! 

Monkeys Shipment

While we keep up with our wholesale orders we do also have to keep up with our personalized rings online orders!  

Rings on the right (arrow shape) are rings that we have just finished soldering but have not been put in the pickle pot yet. Rings stacked up on the left are rings that just came off from the pickle pot. So what is a pickle pot? Or why do we pickle our rings?

Our pickle pot contains a very acidic solution.  Pickling is a metal surface treatment used to remove the firescale (gray or bluish purple color)  that surface when metal is heated (e.g. from soldering).  Sterling silver and copper contains copper.  When heated, copper oxides rise and mix with the air to create this grayish or bluish purple color on the surface on the ring which we called firescale. 

Green Scene Sneak Peak

We are also working on items to be sold at the Green Scene comping up in April! is a sneak peak of some items we will sell....more photos coming soon!

Green Scene Monkeys Always Look products


 ~Riddle Time~

Q: What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs? 

......(scroll to the bottom of this blog post for answer)

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