What's Happening At The Studio

Every ring we make is special to us.  It is always exciting when we find out the story behind each personalization.  Sometimes they are happy yet sometimes also heart broken.  We really appreciate all of you who shared your story with us and hope that our jewelry will bring you many years of joy, happiness or good memories.  

Following is a custom ring we made specially for a customer.  It is made with copper and is open ended thus the ring is slightly adjustable.  We chose a thicker material and was surprised how good and solid this ring feels when it was completed.  

Another special customization we do is adding personalized tag on fine jewelry.  Below is a 14k gold tag added onto a diamond necklace.  Interestingly, having the personalized tag at the front or back of this diamond necklace design gives two different styles and either way looks good~

Gold Tag



Autumn begins Friday September 22nd.  Even though summer is almost over, many families in California still enjoy going to the beach during weekends to enjoy some beach activities.  Two things my family particularly enjoy lately are pier fishing and finding sand crabs.

Many children are fascinated by sand crabs especially when they can be discovered by the shore line.  Some may even want to take them home but based on our brief research sand crabs are best leave alone in nature.  Sand crabs are saltwater shore-dwellers and they do need high temperatures to survive.  They also have a diverse diet.  Breaking waves and rhythmic tides are all important to their ecosystem in which they thrive.  




I’m small but I’m not a hamster
I’m found on a golf course but I’m not a golf ball
I’m a natural material but I’m not a blade of grass
I can be made into a castle but I’m not a brick
I’m grainy but I’m not an old photograph
What am I?
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